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You are seeing a work in progress.

The Traffic Screensaver documention - an internal, working version - was converted to the DokuWiki format and uploaded here.

No manual review is happened yet, and the conversion itself can have bugs. Of course, such bugs won't change the sentences in the text, but the format can be incorrect, and some parts - pictures, for example - can fail.

So, please, do not edit this pages until this notice is here - maybe all pages will be uploaded once more, and then your work will be lost.

  • Overview
  • The Configuration Window
  • Configuration Window Menu Bar
  • Program Window
  • Stock List
  • Stock List Menu Bar
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Author's database
  • Description Editor
  • Graphic Testpad
  • Graphic Testpad Menu Bar
  • Timetable Editor
  • Timetable Editor Menu Bar
  • Timetable Syntax and Semanics
  • The timetable header
  • Sections, Groups, Lines, Scenes
  • Actions
  • Stock List File
  • Stok List File Keywords

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