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Specifying the ridedirection in Traffic:

The direction of travel of a train can be controlled in traffic in two ways: either in vehicle movement or on the vehicle itself.

In the ridedirection

In the vehicle movement, the direction is indicated by D=.


causes the train to move to the left.


causes the train to go to the right.

For certain movement types that contain multiple train parts, multiple directions can also be specified. These are then z. Eg as D1 and D2.

At the vehicle

The direction of travel can also be indicated on the vehicle itself as modification, both in a timetable macro and in the Vehicle sequence of movement as well as in the vehicle list. In all cases it will be appended to the name of a macro or image using [# D:].


causes this vehicle to travel to the left,


causes it to go to the right.

This works in contrast to the speed but only on the first vehicle of a train. If this information is missing for the first vehicle, but is available for vehicles entered further down, the direction of travel of the train is random.

A preferred field of application of this modification are steam locomotive steam locomotives which usually do not advance with the tender. Some steam locomotive drawings in the vehicle list are already provided with this modification. But by the fact that only the first vehicle has influence on the speed, this modification can also z. B. used in American streamline diesel locomotives, of which the first in a multiple traction always runs ahead with the cab.


If both details are present in a vehicle movement, ie both a vehicle with direction modification and a direction indication in the movement itself, the statement in the movement is valid. H. the modification is overridden if it contradicts the direction indication of the movement.

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