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-====== Traffic ​======+===== Traffic =====
-===== About the Programm ​=====+==== About the program ==== 
 +The ** Traffic Screensaver ** is a screensaver similar in principle to the [[en:​mm-saver:​start | MM-saver]]. It is freeware and, except for occasional releases on CD-ROMs in special editions of railway journals, is only available for download. However, due to the immense number of vehicles that the full version of Traffic contains - most ever published, freely available vehicle drawings on a scale of 1 pixel = 10 cm are included in Traffic - the download can be a time-consuming affair. 
 +The author of the Traffic Screensaver is Zoltán Szabó. 
 +==== Construction ==== 
 +Apart from the screensaver itself, the three most important components of Traffic are the [[en:​traffic:​ configwindow:​ start | configuration window]], the [[en:​traffic:​vehiclelist:​start | vehicle list]] and the [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​start | timetable]]. 
 +In the ** Vehicle List **, vehicle and other graphics are collected, listed, and categorized,​ which makes access easier. It can contain both individual image files as well as images from [[en:​traffic:​imagelibrary | libraries]];​ the latter can only be selected via vehicle lists. 
 +The ** Timetable ** is a text file in which a scripting language is used to define [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​start | vehicle movements]]. Here the user can compile his own train compositions and let them go. The selection of trains via a graphical user interface using mouse control as in [[en:​mm-saver:​start | MM-saver]] does not work in traffic, mainly because it is impossible to understand the functionality and flexibility of traffic (eg random train compilation) certain user preferences) via such a user interface. For this it is possible to theoretically write any number of timetables and to change the vehicle selection and behavior of the schooner completely by loading another timetable. In timetables, both entries from a vehicle list and individual image files can be used; Theoretically,​ the composition of a train of individual vehicle images and its use in traffic is even easier thanks to Drag & Drop than in the MM schooner. 
 +==== Features ==== 
 +  * [[traffic: modes: window | window]], [[en:​traffic:​modes:​mini | mini-]], [[en:​traffic:​modes:​stripe | stripes]], and [[en:​traffic:​modes:​fullscreen | fullscreen] ] 
 +  * The full-screen mode supports DirectX and thus smoother movements 
 +  * Screen resolution variable in full screen mode 
 +  * Number and position of the rows variable and random 
 +  * also diagonal vehicle movements possible, eg. B. for funicular railways or isometric views 
 +  * supports not only BMP and DIB but also the GIF format (max. 220 colors) 
 +  * Images can be put together in libraries (* .TVL) and take even less space 
 +  * supports [[en:​traffic:​transparency | transparency]] 
 +  * Manipulation of [[en:​traffic:​brightness_contrast | Brightness and Contrast]] on individual images 
 +  * freely selectable [[en:​traffic:​backgroundcolour | background color]] 
 +  * [[en:​traffic:​foreground_background_images:​start | foregrounds and backgrounds]],​ which can also be composed of several sub-images and built up in multiple layers 
 +  * several levels of movement in one row possible, each with its own foreground and background and can be offset in height 
 +  * any number of [[en:​traffic:​vehiclelist:​macro:​phases | phases]] z. B. in locomotives with rod drive, up to 32 phases possible 
 +  * [[en:​traffic:​vehicle list:​vehicle macro:side variations | self-coupling brake hoses, bellows, transition grids and similar graphic changes at vehicle ends]], also as an animation 
 +  * Different types of [[en:​traffic:​door | door animations]] possible 
 +  * one or more [[en:​traffic:​pantographs:​start | pantographs]] per vehicle independently controllable 
 +  * Pantograph movements as [[en:​traffic:​pantographs:​animation | animation]] 
 +  * various possibilities of building [[en:​traffic:​vehiclelist:​families | vehicle families]] (not every vehicle has to be completely drawn, variants are possible, for example, by integrating partial images) 
 +  * Definition of train movements together with foreground and background graphics in [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​start | timetables]] 
 +  * Insert vehicles and other pictures in timetables using drag & drop 
 +  * flexible, also random-controlled [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​ consist: start | composition of trains]] from single vehicles 
 +  * various different [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​start | movement types]], z. For example, [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_STOP | Stop]], [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_PUT | Deliver]], and [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_GET | Submit]] Car with shunting locator, [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_CUT | train separation]] and [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_UNIT | association]],​ [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_BACK | Kopfmachen]] (also [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_TURN | with revolving engine]]), [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_CHANGE | locomotive change]] (also [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_HEAD | at the terminus]], [[en:​traffic:​timetable:​motion:​motiontypes:​M_MEET | train encounter]] 
 +==== Links ==== 
 +=== About Traffic === 
 +  * [[http://​​jtr/​doc/​welcome.htm|Traffic-Website]] 
 +  * [[http://​​jtr/​doc/​timetablefile.htm|The Traffic Timetable File]] 
 +  * [[http://​​traffic/​cookbook/​timtab.htm|The Traffic Cookbook]] - How to Write a Timely File for the Traffic Screensaver 
 +=== Vehicle collections for Traffic ​==
 +  * [[http://​​stocke.htm|Vehicle Picture Collection]] - Collection of vehicles and other graphics in the formats of various savers
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