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Pools are used in the timetable of Traffic Screensaver since version 4.2 to simplify the use of vehicle movements. They make it possible to use the same movement lines group by group several times in the same timetable without having to write them several times.

Definition of POOLs

To define a POOL, one or more lines of movement are framed at the beginning by a line beginning with $POOL and naming the POOL with N= and ending with the expression $ENDPOOL.

$POOL N=movements

<Motion lines>


This defines a POOL named “Movements”.

Using POOLs

Once you have defined a POOL, you can use it as often as you want and almost anywhere on the timetable - of course only by definition - by specifying POOL= and the name of the POOL.


Even POOLs can be manipulated in the probability of their occurrence.


causes ten pool POOLs to be one pool1 and the other nine pool2.


POOLs can not be nested, so enter them in other POOLs. You can only include motion lines. In the case of nesting, Traffic issues an error message.

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